Vivo V25 5G and V25e launched


Vivo V25 series teaser

Vivo Bangladesh recently introduced its new signature V series smartphones namely Vivo V25 5G and Vivo V25e. The 5G version will cost you ৳47,999 whereas the E version is priced at৳34,999.

Vivo V25 5G

Now, many consumers and Vivo fans have already complained about this phone being priced higher than expected and we can resonate with that. The previous Vivo V23 5G cost ৳39,990. But let us see what kind of upgrades we have in the new phone to figure out if it is a fair deal or not compared to the previous release.

Firstly the previous one had 128 GB ROM and here we have 256 GB. Now, this is a fairly costly upgrade in the current market. A strong chipset and big internal storage are some of the priciest features right now. We do have a shared MicroSD slot and previously we had none at all. But in terms of chipset, we are seeing a downgrade here. There is the MediaTek Dimensity 900 chipset instead of the previous Dimensity 920. So, we are going to have slightly lower CPU performance. There is a 4500 mAh battery instead of 4200 mAh so, here is a slight upgrade as well.

The camera section remains more or less the same except that there is no ultrawide camera on the front now. There is no display protection now, but previously we had one. So, we can see some upgrades as well as downgrades. But things really haven’t changed that much, on top of that the upgrade in price doesn’t put the new Vivo V25 5G in a favorable position.

Vivo V25e

We had the previous Vivo V23e which cost ৳27,990. Yes, much lower than the new version. So, we are we getting in the new V25e? Firstly, we can see a change in design. The new one looks more modern, bold and stands out a bit more we can say. The colors look nice and vibrant as well. There is a color-changing glass back panel and previously we had a plain plastic back. So, huge upgrade here in terms of design. The display has a 90Hz refresh rate. We also have an IP54-certified waterproof body. There are definitely some very strong upgrades.

In terms of cameras, we can see a few downgrades. There is no ultrawide lens and 4K recording. The front camera in the previous V23e was also better and with 4K recording support as well. But the V25e back camera has OIS which will provide more stable photos. Now, we are talking plainly about the specs sheet. You have to see real-time comparison reviews to see the difference in camera quality, especially in the photo shooting part.

The battery size is upgraded to 4500 mAh which is great. We have Android 12 now instead of Android 11 and Helio G99 chipset instead of the previous Helio G96. So, V25e is without any doubt a much better choice than the previous V23e and paying the price is worth it. But feature like 5G connectivity is missing which you may find in some phones from other brands around this price.

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